How to enable Session Cookies

  Step 1:         Open up Internet Explorer 6.0 and click Tools->Internet Options

  Step 2:            Click the Privacy tab, then click the Advanced button.  

(Note: it does not matter what the slider setting is.) 


              Step 3:  Check the box that says “Override automatic cookie handling”  


   Step 4:  Put a check in the box for “Always allow session cookies”. 

Note:  If the First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies are set to Block, you can still place orders and will get all your basket information without a problem.  However, if you want to be able to check your order status these Cookies must be set to Accept.

               Step: 5  Click OK and then click OK again.

       Extra Steps to Further Protect You:

                         You can set the privacy settings very high and still have BayanPC  accept the proper cookies.  

                Step 6:  In the Privacy tab click the Edit button.


               Step 7: Type in the address of our store and click the Allow button.    

               Step 8: Click OK.  This will enable you to have special cookie settings just for our store.